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"After slowing during the recession, contract packaging and contract
logistics once again are merging.
The time is now for CPG
companies to take advantage
of this dynamic combination
of services."

Source: Contract Packaging November/December
2010 issue - Article "Leveraging the strength
of the new service provider." By. Benjamin Gordon

                                                         PACKAGING & REPACK SERVICES 

                                                                        ALL IN ONE - ONE FOR ALL


Your customers expect you to deliver their product on time and with quality. With a partner like Merlin Logistics, you can surpass their expectation with our ALL IN ONE - ONE FOR ALL concept. This means we can package your product in our facility. From Retail, Wholesale, Commercial, or any Industry with the experience and quality you expect from Merlin Packaging Technologies, Inc. Your finished goods then can be warehoused and stored in our 30,000 plus square foot facility then shipped on demand to any location, from national to international. This saves time and cost due to less handling of the material and added freight expenses. This will increase your lead and deliver time, increasing the product margin. This can free up your space and move your inventory quickly.


At Merlin Logistics, LLC. Your goals are our passion; your problems are our solutions to find. Our approach is not to win an account or even earn your business. Our business is service and developing a mutual relationship with our business partners. You're not our customer, you are our partner. Our consultants will analyze your business goals and develop an infrastructure to achieve these goals. Because if you succeed then we have accomplished our goals. Contact a Logistics Consultant today to find out more at .


With over 30 years of core packaging experience, Merlin Logistics, LLC. can provide you with the most innovative Packaging, Repack, Shrink Wrapping, Bar Coding, and Custom Label Design in the industry. Our seasoned Packaging Engineers can develop a design for your product or create a design to meet your specifications. If you already have a current concept then we can replicate the design. All you have to do is send in your packaging specifications and we will do the rest. Contact a Logistics Consultant today at
(302) 440-6375 or email at

For Hazardous Materials or Adhesives contact our parent company, Merlin Packaging Technologies, Inc. at
(302) 440-6375 or email at .
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