We are the all inclusive supply chain provider to broaden business capabilities built from a infrastructure of experience and innovation that manifest into a new business model to achieve the most effective business solutions for our partners. Our history goes back 30 years with the inception of Chembar, Inc. our distribution center located in Columbus, Ohio. In 1999 Merlin Packaging Technologies, Inc. was created to fulfill a vital need for exceptional custom packaging.  Chembar, Inc and Merlin Packaging Technologies, Inc. continue to be the premier leader in Distribution and Custom Packaging today. With our growth as a company and as a service provider, our best asset is our people. While we foster core success as a team this transcends to core success to you as our customer.









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                                                                                                       A LETTER FROM OUR VICE PRESIDENT

Thank you for visiting our site. Merlin Logistics, LLC. was founded to provide professional Logistics, Packaging, and Fulfillment services based on Customer Service and Partnership. Our rich heritage of Customer Service and Mutual Business Partnerships has been well known in the Distribution, Custom Packaging, and now Logistics Industries for the past 30 years. We are proud of where we came from and proud of where we are going. In conjunction with our parent companies Merlin Packaging Technologies, Inc. and Chembar, Inc. Merlin Logistics, LLC. is the next phase of our capabilities as a service provider.

In the preliminary stages, we received a large volume of request from our existing packaging customers to fulfill this need, in a sense it was customer driven that the conception of our Logistics division was launched, as it should be. Our focus has always been our customers’ needs. This dynamic approach appeals to our customer’s business model as a streamline process that incorporates all the vital utilities that encompasses product and service.

Call our toll free number today to discuss your logistics requirements with one of our Consultants.

On behalf of Merlin Logistics, LLC. Thank you for your interest in our company and we hope to serve you soon.


Vince Thanthanavong

Vice President

(302) 440-6375